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CFD News

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     CFD News from Yahoo RSS Feed

     CFD News from Topix RSS Feed

     CFD News from GlobalSpec RSS Feed

     MIT News: Mechanical engineering RSS Feed

     CFD Review News RSS Feed

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CD-Adapco.com News RSS Feed

CFDReview.com News RSS Feed

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Events Calendars

ASME.org/...cfd...   ASME calendar of CFD related conferences, events
calendar.ASME.org/  all ASME events
Ansys.com/events/..  engineering conferences, events ...
NAFEMS.org/events/nafems/2009/CFD_QRv/   Quality & Reliability in Aerospace CFD, March 2009


eps.Fluent.com/...   Ansys/Fluent eNews 2009-March
Fluent.com/.../backissues.htm   Fluent Newsletters backissues (-2006)
Flow3d.com/resources/res_news_main.html   Flow Science Newsletter
http://www10.mcadcafe.com/...Corporate+Newsletters   CD-adapco e-dynamics Newsletter - August 2008

Other News

eScienceNnews.com/...fluid.engineering   fluid engineering related news from eScienceNews.com
ASME.org/NewsPublicPolicy/PressReleases/  ASME Press Releases
Redorbit.com/search_results/?lim=all&string=cfd   RedOrbit CFD news
http://www.vdi.de/   VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure - The Association of German Engineers is a non-profit organization of 132,000 engineers and natural scientists. VDI represents engineers  within the profession and in the public arena and facilitates training and technology transfer among experts.
CNISF.org   Le Conseil National des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France - National Council of France's Engineers and Scientists.

Magazines online
Mechanical Engineering Magazine   Mechanical Engineering Magazine - publication of ASME Int’l (the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) provides an interdisciplinary view, sourcebook and tool for engineering challenges and breakthrough technologies, innovations.
Power Engineering Magazine
EntertheGrid.com   Grid Computing, High-Performance Computing (HPC) - including distributed, peer-to-peer-computing and parallel computing - monthly Primeur magazine
MCADcafe.com   MCAD Cafe (Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering) offers industry commentary, news, product reviews, articles, events and resources.
VDI-nachrichten.com  online news from VDI - The Association of German Engineers
PowerMag.com   CoalPowerMag.com   TheEnergyDaily.com  

Magazines with limited online presence
Technikwissen.de/bwk Brennstoff Wärme Kraft
Magazine.ifrf.net/index.html-Industrial Combustion Magazine

Other resources
en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Engineer  review of engineering organizations in different countries
NTU.edu.sg/home/ctng/eng.htm  list of academic, science, engineering institution 

More RSS feeds
MCADcafe.com/rss/news.xml?section=CorpNews   "Corporate News" from MCADcafe

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