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CFD Calculators

AJdesigner.com/index_fluid_mechanics.php   ~30 calculators related to fluid mechanics
eFluids.com/efluids/pages/calculators.htm   Fluid Flow Calculators and Applets
FreeCalc.com   Mechanical Engineering, Liquid and Gas Flow Applications, ...
Flowmeterdirectory.com/flowmeter_flow_calc.html Venturi, orifice, pipe, Reynolds, ...
AOE.vt.edu/~devenpor/aoe5104/ifm/ifminfo.html ideal flow machine, java applet online
Depcik.com/eduprograms/aftp.htm combustion, fuels, adiabatic temperature
LmnoEng.com/darcy.htm  pipe flow friction
CES.ca.uky.edu/energy/calculators/Energy.../index.htm gas heating vs. electrical heat pump
eFunda.com/formulae/fluids/calc_orifice_flowmeter.cfm orifice flowmeter
EngineersEdge.com/calculators.htm  mechanical engineering, fluids caluculators

ChEresources.com/high_dp_orifice_flow.shtml   compressible flow through orifice

CFD Software
freeCFD   general purpose open source CFD solver, 3D Unstructured, parallel.
OpenFVM   general CFD solver released under the GPL license, simulates flow in complex 3D geometries using unstructured mesh.
ViziFlow   free software for visualizing fluid flow
Netgen   automatic mesh generator (LGPL open source license)
Gmsh   automatic 3D finite element grid generator with a built-in CAD engine and post-processor
GiD  graphical user interface for geometrical modelling, data input and visualisation of CFD/simulation results

CAD Software (free, open source)
BRL-CAD  cross-platform open-source combinatorial Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system
QCAD-CE   community edition contains the source code of QCAD, released under GPL

Algorithms, Routines, Packages
PETSc suite of data structures and routines for partial differential equations (scalable/parallel).
Metis/ParMetis family of programs for partitioning unstructured graphs and hypergraphs and computing fill-reducing orderings of sparse matrices
SuperLU  library for the direct solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations
Aztec  library that provides algorithms for the iterative solution of large sparse linear systems (1)
BLAS   Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms are routines  performing basic vector and matrix operations
LAPACK   provides routines solving linear equations, least-squares equations, eigenvalue problems, matrix factorizations
Trilinos  solves linear and non-linear systems of equations, eigensystems, object oriented design
OpenMPI:   high performance Message Passing Library used for parallel communication.
CGNS:  CFD General Notation System standard format for the  exchange of data (CFD grid/solution formats) between sites and applications

Linux for CFD
The Linux Parallel-Processing-HOWTO
Computer Cloning with Partition Image
Beowulf Tutorial: Building a Beowulf System
Parallel Computing With Linux
Problems And Solutions With Imaging/Cloning Disks ...
Recipe: Cloning a Linux ...


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